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Bistro Bovy



Bistro Bovy


Domain Bovy is a 34 ha. large park with ponds, woods and meadows. There is a varied nature reserve around the marsh pond.

Bistro Bovy stands for tasty, pure and honest food. We believe in short chains, in local and small-scale production, in authentic and honest products and in knowing what you are eating. Bistro Bovy is not only honest food, but also a means to realize much more than just tasty and healthy food. Everything we do, we do with special attention and support for our employees. Growing them is our greatest achievement.

Short chain
On the menu you will find honest and tasty products according to the principle of the short chain. The vegetables come from our own organic garden, the meat from our organically raised animals, and our suppliers are local farmers. Food that was grown and prepared with love and craftsmanship, from seed to your plate.

Bistro Bovy
Galgeneinde 22
3550 Heusden-Zolder