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Het IJsmagazijn





If you want to come and enjoy a delicious ice cream or a cake, you are always welcome at
the 'Wijers' terrace of 'Het IJsmagazijn', where Kristof and Debby will make you taste the yummiest things.

From our baking workshop 'Het Zoete Magazijntje' we make our traditional ice cream and cakes.
Only with the best raw materials and with a lot of passion for sweets. We use unique, honest and fresh products. We are the official maker of the original 'Wijerskoekje'.

“Sweets are more than a dessert.
It is a Sweet memory of a beautiful moment in your life”

Charging point for electric bicycles
info point
offer sweet regional dishes and products
buggy friendly

Het IJsmagazijn/Het zoete magazijntje

Nieuwveldstraat 23
3520 Zonhoven