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Domein Kiewit


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 Domain Kiewit
Putvennestraat 108
3500 Hasselt

+32 11 21 08 49 


What to do?

In the heart of' De Wijers', this more 300-year old 130 ha area with its pools and ponds gives some idea of the unique fauna and flora that it contains. Here, you will find, among others, a low-waste recycling garden, a beekeeping centre and numerous farm animals. The stately mansion situated in the English garden and coach house are remains of long bygone times. Anyone who wants to discover the rich history of the estate must try to unravel the mystery of Kiewit. A yellow-brick road leads you through the fascinating history of the estate that in the past served as a noble abode, orphanage, shelter and religious refuge. Real outdoor children can follow the fun footpath or indulge in the playground. You can relax during a picnic or a special lunch in tavern ‘Koe-vert’.

Children's farm
‘Kiewit’ Estate is often associated with the petting zoo. It is a fantastic experience for your children. Ducks, geese and swans swim in the pond. In and around the pens, you’ll find goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, peacocks and chickens. In the meadows, horses, donkeys and Galloway cattle graze. The gardens are filled with butterflies, bees and insects and … our pigs roll around in the mud pool.

Fun searches
The Mystery of ‘Kiewit’ Estate takes you back to the Second World War and reveals the history of the Estate in an exciting way. Start at the red letterbox in the playground and follow the yellow-brick road.
The fun footpath is also an absolute must. Crawl into a bird's nest and try to jump further than a deer: an adventurous trail for the whole family. Start at the main car park and follow the orange-coloured animal feet.

Endless fun
In ‘Kiewit’ Estate, you can play in the beautiful playground near the welcoming terrace. If you prefer a game of football, you can use the playground in front of the mansion. In the nearby play forest, children between 6 and 13 reign supreme. It is a place where they can build camps and climb to their heart’s content.

If you come to the ‘Wijers’ in group, ‘Kiewit’ Estate offers a wide assortment of activities, ranging from horse and cart rides, right through to making your own bread: anything is possible. Even schools are offered educational packs.


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Since a large proportion of the hiking trails are paved, they are very suitable for taking the buggy. If you would you like the best of both estates and walk through the water, then choose the orange route. Or go all the way and hike the 76 K of the long distance walk.
You can find the trails on


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Hiking areas nearby

  • De Maten
  • Platwijers-Wijvenheide



Along one of the ponds in domain Bokrijk or domain Kiewit, you can have fun picnics and enjoy the peace and quiet.



Bokrijk and Kiewit Estate are situated on the Limburg cycling route network that connects the entire region. The cycling map is available from the Hasselt tourism office  or C-Mine visitors' centre  in Genk. If you prefer a signposted cycling loop, then choose one of the themed cycling loops through the 'Wijers' using the Wijers cycling map  or ask the tourism office about one of the other cycling routes. Various cycling and hiking maps are also available in the Bokrijk Information centre. The ultimate trail is, of course, 'Cycling through the water' at junction 91. You can also rent a bike here. Book in advance via 0800 96 96 96 2 (Choose option 2).

Bikes can be rented via, vzw Basis on 0800 96 96 7 or .


Cycling through water

At junction 91 on the cycle route network you cycle through the water. You don’t need to wear wellies or a wetsuit, because, as luck would have it, you stay on dry land. But the cycle path takes you through the pond from one bank to the other. And at one point you cycle with the surface of the water at eye level on both sides. That's fun!


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Open-Air Museum

Curious to know where our present-day customs and traditions come from? At Bokrijk’s Open-Air Museum, you will discover how the past inspires our future.

Be taken in by four fascinating museum sections, each with their own unique content: Kempen, where you can see craftsmen at work and get creative in one of the two new workshops. You will discover the art of baking bread and all the traditions that go with it. In Haspengouw, actors take you back to 1913. They play the part of villagers and let immerse you in life in the Flemish countryside through Living History. In East and West Flanders, you can enjoy the splendour and silence of the cultural landscape during a quiet walk. And in' The sixties', the life-like decors of a living room, petrol station or café take you back to the turbulent 1960s…


The Open-Air Museum is located in 550 hectares of parkland, a dream for hikers and cyclists. Or visit the arboretum with a unique plant and tree collection. Many of these plants are threatened with extinction or worse, have disappeared from their natural habitats.


Open-Air Playground
The children or grandchildren can play to their heart's content in the large free outdoor playground with numerous mega-slides, swings, a wire circus, mini-cars, mini-golf and a natural adventure trail. There is an area for all ages and special playground gear for children with disabilities.


If you head to the ‘Wijers’ in a group, Bokrijk offers a wide assortment of activities, ranging from horse and cart rides, right through to making your own bread: anything is possible. Even schools are offered educational packs.


In Bokrijk, you can fish in the ‘Grote Moffert’ on the edge of the park. You can catch pike, tench, rudd and white roach. You do need a fishing permit (allowance), available from the estate police.



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Aero Kiewit
At Belgium’s oldest airport, you can admire private aircraft and gliders from the welcoming tavern.

Domein De Borggraaf
From Kiewit Estate or Bokrijk, you can easily walk to De Borggraaf Estate, where another playground awaits the children. You can keep an eye on your offspring from the inviting terrace of the snack bar ‘De Kwaakvos’ while enjoying a refreshing drink.

Albert Canal
A boat trip on the Albert Canal will take you through the 'Wijers' in a different way. Shipping company Limburgia offers various cruise formulas.


Action Park

Accompanied by a qualified instructor, you will experience an exciting day on the ropes course, the death ride, the water course, the climbing wall, the BMX trail, the caving box, the mountain bike trail, the fire service post, the archery stand....
There is no charge to access the BMX trail, mountain bike trail, skate park, beach volleyball court or orientation trail, provided they are not being used at the time. Bring your own equipment. The orientation cards are available from the sports centre.