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When you drive into Bolderberg - between two ponds - you can sense it straight away: here you are in the very centre the ‘Wijers’. The district derives its name from the witness hill 'de Bolderberg', literally a strong mountain that rises above the village, where ‘De Kluis’ (the hermitage) is nestled at the very top, still inhabited by a hermit. Bovy Estate has been one of the most beautiful places in Bolderberg for many years. The half-timbered houses and green surroundings exude atmosphere and contentment. A little further on, fans of action and adventure are catered for at the Zolder race track.


What is there to do?


Bovy Estate
After the little ones are taken by Martin the kingfisher on an exciting quest, they can play in the playground.
Chickens, sheep, goats, guinea pigs and pigs welcome you to the small petting farm, where you are allowed to pet the animals. The pens are wheelchair-accessible.

De Kluis (hermitage) of Bolderberg

Back in 1673, pilgrim Lambert Hoelen, after a visit to the pilgrimage house of Loreto, had a replica built on Bolderberg. It became an important place of pilgrimage and, to this day, a hermit still lives here. Take a look in the chapel and admire the panoramic view of Terlaemen Castle (not accessible). The routes to ‘De Kluis’ depart from Bovy Estate.

Zolder Race track
Fans of action and adventure should not miss the Zolder race track. Not only buzzing motorcycles reign supreme here, also cyclists call on the track regularly. Visit behind the scenes or choose one of the exciting activities. How about riding an electric motorbike, paintball for kids or BMX? Would you prefer karting or racing in a soapbox? Anything is possible.



Several hiking trails leave from Bovy Estate, both on the estate itself, to ‘De Kluis’ or along the ‘Albertkanaal’. Find your favourite route on



Hiking areas nearby

  • Herkenrode Abbey Site
  • Platwijers-Wijvenheide



Bolderberg is located on the Limburg cycling route network that connects the entire region. The cycling map is available from the tourist information centre. If you prefer the signposted cycling loop, then select one of the cycling loops through the ‘Wijers’ using the ‘Wijers’ cycling map   or ask the tourism office about one of the other cycling routes. Bikes can be rented via
The ‘happen&trappen’ (snacking and cycling) route also starts from the tourist information centre:


buy the cycling map


Food & Drink

  • De Winning on Bovy estate
  • Several restaurants and cafés in the centre of Bolderberg



Terlaemen outdoor pool
An inviting sunbathing area with sports fields, a children’s pool and a slide: guaranteed fun for the whole family.

The Wijers on a segway
Take a trip through the land of 1001 ponds on a Segway. You are standing upright whilst driving, leaning forwards or backwards. Noise- and CO2-free!


Meylandt Castle
The castle dates back to 1907 in its present form and currently houses the Visual Arts Academy. The park is free to visit. At the entrance you will find a dedicated dog area.


Terlaemen and Vogelsanck

The Terlaemen and Vogelsanck castles leave their mark on the ‘Wijers’. The large ponds determine the view and provide valuable nature. The castles are still inhabited and not free to visit. The estate Vogelsanck is accessible, but only via the signposted hiking trails. A guided visit with nature guide can be requested from the tourism department.


Domherenhuis Park

Dating back to 1795, the Domherenhuis Castle originally belonged to the Villenfagne de Vogelsanck family. Today, it accommodates the offices of the non-profit-making Limburgs Landschap. The castle is set in a large park in English landscape style. The park is free to visit.


ZLDR Luchtfabriek
The mining history is still clearly evident in Heusden-Zolder. The spoil tip can be climbed, affording great views over the whole of Limburg as a reward. Even the mine buildings can also be visited. ZLDR Luchtfabriek takes you back to the dark mine galleries.