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Bovy Estate


Back in 1134, the Abbey of Averbode boasted a cluster of farms here. The typical courtyard is surrounded by 18th-century, half-timbered cottages and terraces. Signposted hiking trails lead you to the fishing pond, the beekeeping farm, the animal pasture and more. Martin the Kingfisher takes the little ones on a walk and immerses them in nature. Or walk up to the hermitage and chapel of Bolderberg, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Terlaemen ponds. 


Galgeneinde 22, Heusden-Zolder



Kiewit Estate


In the heart of' De Wijers', this more 300-year old 130-ha area with its pools and ponds gives some idea of the unique fauna and flora that it contains. Here, you will find, among others, a low-waste recycling garden, a beekeeping centre and numerous farm animals. The stately mansion situated in the English garden and coach house are remains of long bygone times. Anyone who wants to discover the rich history of the estate must try to unravel the mystery of Kiewit. A yellow-brick road leads you through the fascinating history of the estate that in the past served as a noble abode, orphanage, shelter and religious refuge. Real outdoor children can follow the fun footpath or let off steam in the playground. You can relax during a picnic or a special lunch in tavern ‘Koe-vert’. 

Putvennestraat 108, Hasselt



Kelchterhoef Estate


Walk around the ponds, spot the woodpecker in the historical chestnut tree lane or step across the pond on the wooden footpath. Follow the Beastly Tree Track with Norbert the Oak Tree, who recounts the nature and history of the park in a playful manner. Allow your children to play to their hearts’ content in the play forest or indulge in the ecological nature playground. You can relax with a snack in one of the typical taverns. Or would you prefer an idyllic picnic on the abbey pond? It’s all possible! Order your pre-filled picnic hamper in advance, take off your shoes and enjoy a unique lunch on the water!

Kelchterhoefstraat z/n, Houthalen-Helchteren

Hengelhoef Estate


Hengelhoef Estate not only accommodates a holiday park, but also the welcoming visitors' centre of nature association Limburgs Landschap vzw. In and around this typical Kempen half-timbered house, you will experience life as it was on the heath. You can have a quiet drink or take part in one of the fun activities that are organised on a regular basis. A visit to the beekeeping centre,sheep pen or the heather and insect garden is also possible! It is the ideal starting point for exploring the nature reserve Hengelhoef and the nearby heather areas of De Teut and Ten Haagdoorn.

 Hengelhoefdreef 6, Houthalen-Helchteren



Wild and hiking park Molenheide


In this 100-ha park, you will discover the typical flora and fauna of the Kempen. Come up real close to deer or make friends with free-range farmyard animals. Study the wild boar or spot acrobatic squirrels. Take in the smell of pine needles and walk across land dunes that are thousands of years old with their gnarled oak stumps. Several hiking trails take you through the woods,land dunes and heath plains. You can relax in the forest canteen while thechildren can let off steam in the play area.

Molenheidestraat 5, Houthalen-Helchteren



Bokrijk Estate


Curious to know where our current customs and traditions come from? Then definitely visit the Bokrijk Open Air Museum. In the historic buildings, be surprised by the parish priest's thundering sermon or experience what it was like to be at school in 1900. Get to work yourself and learn the basic techniques of old crafts or play folk games in the barn.

But even outside the Open Air Museum, you will never get bored. Limburg’s largest outdoor playground guarantees hours of fun for children and adults alike. Or visit the unique arboretum. And, of course, don’t forget to 'cycle through the water': a spectacular pond experience!

Bokrijklaan 1, Genk



Molenvijver park


The Molenvijver Park in the centre of Genk was originally a swamp that was irrigated by the Dorpsbeek. The authentic water mill is now a restaurant.You can walk there or enjoy a delicious picnic in an original and stunningly beautiful setting. A few beautiful spots were transformed into 'Camp Carré': picnic spots that focus on nature, slow time andsocial contacts. You can even rent aboat and row on the pond!

Molenstraat 68, Genk





Heempark environmental and nature centre consists of ponds and forests, but also landscaped gardens with vegetables and herbs. Children can let off steam in the playground or admire the farmyard animals. Visit the beekeeping centre or take part in one of the many summer activities(Sunday).

Hoogzij 7, Genk



Thor Park


By the old mines of Waterschei, you will find Thor Park today. Behind the buildings, you walk in a unique landscape of spoil tips, ponds and sand. You can have a picnic in a beautiful setting there and art projects are organised on a regular basis.

André Dumontlaan 67, Genk



Park Den Dijk


In the centre of Zonhoven lies the idyllic hiking park ‘Den Dijk’. The little ones love the Lotje Hiking Trail, a witch-like hiking hunt accompanied by Lotje, with fun tasks.

Dijkbeemdenweg, Zonhoven